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About Us

The recent creation of the company comes from an IT Business that has been growing for over 8 years. The growth has been focused mostly in Mexico with some ventures in central and southern America. We have solutions providers scattered all around the globe as well as regional representatives based in different states throughout Mexico.

This new branch with evolved strategies and specializations will be a tipping point in our business.  We are currently investing capital to build up our company and grow. We are always on the lookout for new strategic partners for present and future foundations.

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We create Communities

Traditional media no longer exists, only new traditional ways of communicating.

We create experiences

The user experience has evolved, it now has to be unforgettable, efficient and effective.

We create Hearings

Passive audiences are gone, everyone seeks to be a creator and transmitter of ideas.

We create Channels

Massive media has transcended, it is now being fed by the masses.

Business Model

The business includes technology platforms with multiple reaches of communication, some of them web-design. We are mainly focused in four pillars:

  • Strategic and Unique Content Creation

    Without a content strategy, it is very difficult to create, achieve and generate the right content for your audience.

    We must create a plan to transmit messages through the media, whatever the purpose of these.

  • Business Intelligence

    The key to thriving in a competitive marketplace is staying ahead of the competition. Making good business decisions based on accurate and current information takes more than intuition. Data analysis, reporting, and query tools can help business users wade through a sea of data to synthesize valuable information from it.

  • SEO, SEM & Trafficking

    The Search Engine Optimization is one of the digital marketing tools more powerful today. Its principle is the convenience of using a search engine to start buying cycle or a digital activity “customer journey”.

    SEO and SEM are not competing services. SEO is considered a subset of SEM services. If you want to conduct business on the Internet you need to be visible on both organic and advertised links.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Social media has fundamentally changed the balance of power between customers and brands because it enables peer recommendations to play a much greater role in decision making.

    We develop relationships with powerful and assertive influencers than can help us create trends and affect public opinion.

These categories give us areas of expertise in our structures (most of them done in-house; some outsourced with strategic partners). One of our many projects is focused on the creation of a Digital Global Communication Platform hand by hand with some of the most important opinion leaders in the market (US and Mexico). Our clientele concentrates in Global, National and Local brands with a private sector portfolio mainly.


This company represents our digital group, Prowell Media Group, which emerged from a bundle of previous ideas and business models which gave birth to the actual IT/Strategy Business that has been growing since then.

We have been giving solutions and intelligence to our clients over the last years. The business includes: technology platforms, social media tools, various digital communication channels, web-design, content creation, BI and area of business development and investments in which we dedicate some of the time analyzing the following:

  • Quality Assurance.
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Generating Aggregated Value to our clients as well as inside the company.
  • Investing into new business models.
  • Investing in ideas that we see fit for a win-win situation.
  • Constant evaluation of internal and external SWOT analysis that impact our business either directly or indirectly.